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Sean Lee, Ph.D.

Sigma Alpha Society | C.P.A.C. Program Chair


  • A thoughtful result-driven leader with 25+ years of tech industry experience, driving innovative transformative projects with operational excellence.

  • Proven track record in financial acumen, cross-functional team management, and fostering technology showcase projects for social impacts and public benefits, engaging diverse stakeholders to build alliance of data privacy and AI policy in the APAC region.



Program Chair, Consumer Privacy Alliance Consortium:
Promoted the awareness of global data privacy laws and regulations, and crucial AI policy in the APAC region, fostering alliances in Asia among data privacy professionals and OEM software developers. 

Predictive traffic intelligence with augmented AI: 
Promoted innovative traffic AI initiatives in the major pain threshold sector, demonstrated with the Austin Transportation and Public Works Department. (Blue Signal USA, 2020~2021)

Next-Generation Magnetic Domain Refinement:
Advised the Next Generation (3G) of Magnetic Domain Refinement technologies with laser and machine learning, fostering collaboration between the US and the APC region in various sectors, such as nuclear power applications, OCR imaging, automotive, battery, and automated systems. 

Innovation Awards & Academic-Industrial Collaboration:
Received Editor’s Choice and Innovation Awards from Industry Publications, NRA, and Cleantech San Diego, and Initiated the “Systematic, New Advanced Protocols (SNAP)” program with Ionized Air technologies, fostering partnerships between the US and the APAC regions. 

Industry-First Mobile Wireless Project: 
Completed the once troubled industry-first 3G mobile wireless project between the US and the APAC region, which laid the backbone of current smartphone infrastructure.


Professional Experience

Sr. Partner Consultant, CTP Networks, Irvine, CA

Sr. Consultant, Drs Reis Inc, Cerritos, CA

Chief Information Officer, Cornerstone HCRE Group, Irvine, CA

Sr. Partner, Retrofit City Networks, Irvine, Ca

President & Board Chair, Food Recycle Science Corporation, Irvine, CA

Managing Partner, Cornerstone Technology Partners, Irvine, CA

Chief Strategy Officer & VP Product Marketing, Rutilus Software Inc, Irvine, CA

Director, Worldwide Product Marketing, AST Research, a Fortune 500 Company, Irvine, CA 

Director, Worldwide Product Planning & Strategy, Samsung Electronics, Seoul & San Jose

Lecturer, UCLA & Penn State University


Education & Training

Alma Mata

Awards & Achievements

Pro Bono Contribution

MBA Program Mentor
Crowell School of Business, Biola University MBA Program:

Sigma Alpha Society

Advisory Board

Center of International Business Studies, NYIT 

Korea Technology Advisory Group

Small Group Networks
Director, East Asia region

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Sean Lee, Ph.D.

Sigma Alpha Society