Dr. Sean Lee

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Dr. Lee has an extensive track record of delivering best practices in various technology sectors and investment communities, equipped with in-depth knowledge of making new policy and procedures, such as Data Privacy and AI policy and safety principles, and business diagnostics, strategic insights with technology and financial assessment, and global management disciplines.

He formulates a series of winning strategies, formulating competitive corporate assets, business turnarounds with lean process re-engineering and data-driven business intelligence, and promoting technology outreach programs between the US and APAC region. The unique expertise has been accumulated from vast number of project experiences by working with project members from industry-leading management consulting, investment banking, venture capitals, industrial design and marketing agencies, multinational enterprises, law firms and tech ventures, such as Goldman Sachs, GE Capital, McKinsey, KVIC, Tsing Capital, Knobbe, Greenberg, AST Research, A-Best group and Samsung to name a few.

His management experience started from global expansion with multi-billion-dollar operations at Global Fortune 500 companies, such as Samsung, one of the largest consumer brands in the world, and managing the turnaround of worldwide mobile product lines at AST Research. He supervised technology integration and product management, including full spectrum of product planning and development, industrial design,  product launching and worldwide channel management, marketing campaigns for power branding, and assessment of new disruptive technologies for strategic alliance and mergers and acquisitions.

He has extensive experience in conducting due diligence of corporate M&As, international financing, post-merger integration, and practicing management consulting, working as CIO at HCRE group, to transform investment portfolio to the non-cyclical, stable income-producing investment portfolio in healthcare sector, formulating a comprehensive turnaround strategy for the board.  He has contributed numerous strategic alliances and international joint ventures, and managed the financing and growth strategies of tech ventures and startups.

He played a significant role in product innovation, to have won “Top 100 Product Innovations of the Year” Award from Popular Science and numerous editor’s choice awards from industry publications including “Innovation award” from NRA and Cleantech organizations. He was a recipient of Mobile Maven award by Mobile Insights for his outstanding contribution on the industry.

Dr. Lee supervised the successful delivery of the industry-first international 3G CDMA mobile wireless data project which had become the backbone of the smartphone industry, working with AirPrime and KT, the leading wireless provider in the region. AirPrime was acquired by Sierra Wireless afterwards. He advised the next generation, enterprise-class hybrid e-commerce platform that worked as a technology backbone for a leading hypermarket chain store company in China, A-Best group, collaborating with Alibaba and Tencent for payment software and mobile app integration and promotion program.

He served as C-level executives and the advisory board for tech ventures in various industry sectors, including IT hardware and software, mobile wireless applications, big data and machine learning for business intelligence analytics, biotech for bio-probe, non-invasive 3D optical diagnostics and exotic matter bio-compounds, and clean-tech sectors to win global clean-tech award and research grant competition. Dr. Lee sits on the Advisory Board of technology ventures, nonprofits and academic institutions, including New York Institute of Technology’s Center for International Business Studies, and serves as a mentor to MBA program at Crowell School of Business of Biola University and lectured at UCLA and Penn State.